Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy 2017!  Make it count!
While we were in Lima last week, we stopped by the mission office for a meeting with Pres. McGinn.  There had been some training going on so there was a plethora of missionaries around for awhile and it was good to get see those that we'd served with.  These are the office elders, they always take good care of us (as evident by work they are helping him with in the picture).

Our wonderful Ica Zone Missionaries at a multizone meeting/Christmas party with the McGinns.  
A treasured Christmas gift from the McGinns.

Curt ran to the post office while we were in Lima and we ended up getting two packages!  I guess they'd both been in the post office for quite some time but no one was notified to come and pick them up.  We got cookies from the Dahls!  

Lots of goodies and some needed supplies from the Merrills!  (no goatheads ... are they mad at us?)

We finally met the Airds in person and spent some time with them.  They have been serving in the mission office for about 2 months now. We went out to eat with them and had a delicious meal and thoroughly enjoyed their company.  
Back from Lima and helping Danara practice her English.

Ohhhh Luna is growing up!  I hadn't snapped a picture in awhile and New Year's Day sitting by them before church started seemed like a perfect opportunity. 

New year traditions around here include wearing something new (generally underwear) Wearing yellow is for happiness and luck for the new year.  They eat their 12 grapes at midnight and everyone shoots off enough fireworks to pay off the public debt. They've had busloads of people heading to the beaches in Marcona on Sunday the 1st so this place was the quietest we'd ever seen it.

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