Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Elder Cook visits Lima

We went to Lima this week for the world wide missionary training, a visit with Elder Cook, to help with a Capilla Abierta (open house at a chapel) and a few other things that needed to be done while we were  in Lima. All of the missionaries from our mission and from Lima Central mission got to attend this meeting with Elder Cook.  So we got to see some of the missionaries who had served in Nasca and Marcona since we arrived.
Sister Billette is now in Lima.

Sister Onate is in Lima.

Elder Larracilla is in Lima

Elder Lucero is now companions with elder Larracilla.

Elder Gutierrez is in Lima.

Sister Herrera and Sister Mayberry were very happy to meet again. They are definitely kindred spirits.  

Sisters Herrera, Mayberry and Luna.

Elder Olhaiser was one of our zone leaders in Nasca when we arrived.  It was so good to see him again  

Sister Ybanez will be going home to Argentina soon. 

We took an afternoon bus tour to see the sights of Miraflores. 

A little Italian dinner with the Airds. 

Here we were helping with an open house.  Elder Record who is the secretary to the Area presidency is running things and the sister missionaries are teaching of Christ in the background. 
 We went to the mission office for the world wide training and to get some of the supplies we will need to run the open chapel program in the stakes and districts in the south part of the mission. 

At our feet are the banners that will be displayed at the open chapels.  They are a little heavy and there are 9 of them so president got a couple young missionaries to help carry them out to the car.  We spent most of our free time from then on in hardware stores, big and small and every other kind of store that might have something to put these banners in so we could put them on the bus to Nasca.  They are a little fragile and they will be doing a lot of traveling with us.  When we got to the bus the young man loading the luggage asked if they were fragile and then took great care in putting them in the bus where they wouldn't be damaged on the long ride home. Prayers were answered! 
At the Capilla Abierta in Lima with Hermana Record.

Elder Record at the Capilla Abierta in Lima. He is the Executive Secretary for the Area Presidency.

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