Friday, December 30, 2016

A Great Time With Morgan

Overlooking Cusco from the Saksaywaman ruins.

The Christo Blanco a gift from Arabic Palestinians who sought refuge in Cusco after WWII.

The Salt Mines in the Sacred Valley.

Incredible views!  While he was here Morgan traveled on planes, buses (nice and not so nice), train, taxis, moto, mini vans (combis), horse, raft, dune buggy, zipline and on foot.  

Fog had settled in so we didn't get the scenic views but we'd hiked up to the top of Huaynu Picchu

Huaynu Picchu and Machu Picchu behind them. From here, we hiked over to the Inca Bridge and then Morgan ran up to Sun Gate.  We were running out of time and energy to keep up with him!

Getting in a  little zip-lining while we were waiting to start our rafting adventures.

The weather was fantastic but it was nice to have those wetsuits when that cold water splashed in.

Curt sitting up front during one of the white water runs.

Not the best picture but this is Morgan finishing up a back flip off the rocks into the Urubamba River.

Horseback riding on some Peruvian Pasos.  They had an interesting gait to them.  We were going out to see some more Incan ruins.

The Devil's Balcony.  This Incan Temple ruin is a natural rock bridge that has a cave below that you can actually walk through if the water is not too high. 

Morgan with Cusco in the background.

Trying lots of different foods during our trip. We enjoyed the view of the Plaza de Armas and the people watching during a lunch in Cusco. 

Morgan in a Cessna 207 as we head out to see the Nasca Lines.  
Morgan went down the hill standing up.  I guess it's hard to turn in the sand so he just went straight down! I haven't taken the time to figure out how to post a video here so this picture will have to do for now.

We had a little competition who could go the furthest on their stomach. I think Curt ended up winning that one and winner got to buy dinner!

We had the missionaries over for a Christmas Party and Morgan won one of the games.  This frog shower cap was the prize.

At the Reserve in Marcona looking out at the penguins, sea lions and migrating birds.

An attempt at taking a picture of penguins with the cell phone through the binoculars.

Morgan found a tiny octopus in the tide pools. He was trying to get it out of the rocks when it inked and hid from us. 

About that time, Curt and Juan came up.  Juan got super excited about it and the three of them searched for quite awhile until they found it again.

Finally we found it and got to hold it before we let it go back into the ocean. 
Our time with Morgan went too fast!  We sure enjoyed having him come down and spend time with us.

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