Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It Rains In Nasca

The river has been running due to the rains in the mountains.  One night as we were crossing the bridge the sides of the river and the bridge were packed with people waiting for the water to come down.  It doesn't flow this much very often. Some years they go without any real measurable rain here in Nasca but this year it has rained.  People had to go out and buy plastic to go over their roofs or their things to keep the rain off.  We know how heavy the rains are at night by the amount of water on our kitchen floor in the morning. The laundry room doesn't have a roof and the water goes under the door into the house.

Pres. Galagarza and Curt moving some equipment out of the family history center.

I'm late with posting this information but our district Elders this transfer consists of Maydana (Bolivia), Fernandez (Argentina), Peterson (AZ), Anstead (UT).   

Before they caught their bus back to Marcona, we sent off the mission bag after district meeting and took these Elders out to lunch.

Picture is Curt and I, Hermana Serveleon and her companion for the next couple of days, Daniella and Hermano Zamudio.  He had come to Peru for a visit from Utah and was able be there as Mirella was set apart Sunday by Pres. Tejada.  He was one of the missionaries here when she was first joining the church.

Some of the Nasquenian young women.

The Ventura family and the Elders had a great family home evening.  Afterwards we circled around for a game showing how well we knew our scriptures.

It got a little competitive (Elder Mayberry) and there was much laughter, and maybe some shouting, and a bit of complaining and or gloating.

Everyone had a good time and we are grateful we can spend time with these good people. 

Summertime - time to cut off some of this hair!

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