Monday, March 20, 2017


After Nasca's district meeting we celebrated Elder Calle's birthday. L to R, Elder Cuadrado, E' Fernandez, E' Mayberry, E' Maydana, E' Calle, E' Kirkman and E' Zavaleta.

E' Calle will die in this zone (which means he will finish his mission from this area). 

Luna and her mom Omarie.  I can't believe Luna has already turned one.

She likes playing with our name tags while we visit. They had to move in with family after a mudslide got their home.

The rivers have been full because of the rain in the mountains. There has been a lot of flooding and mudslides throughout Peru.

This is usually a road that we use often.  The river broke it's bank and took out some homes and farms.

Our zone leaders were stuck here in Nac for a few days because the highway washed out between Nasca and Ica.

This house lost one entire wall to the floods.  Thousands of homes throughout the country have been destroyed due to the huaicos.   
Temporary homes brought in to house those that have been displaced. These floods/mudslides have affected much of Peru.  Lima gets its water from the Rimac River and because of all the mud in it, the treatment plants can't run efficiently so Lima is having a water shortage.  They disperse water at the local parks and I hear that sometimes there is water in the tap.

This is the highway 4 days after the last flooding.  Some of the cars, buses and semis were running again. 

Inca Kola is THE DRINK down here. I had some on our way to Pisco for another Chapel Open House and training.  

The Primary had their room ready to go and the children loved being in there.

I don't think I had taken pictures of any Elder's Quorum displays during a Capilla Abierta and they have done a good job.

These two making sure they're organized and ready for the next event ... or maybe they're just chatting.

E' Gutierrez, E' Matthews, E' Epenesa, E' Johnson, E' Chura, E' Arcos, E' Mayberry, Hna Mayberry, Hna Saucedo and Hna Staheli in San Andres after their Open House.

On Sunday we did a training in La Villa. That happens to be Jeronimo's ward so we got to meet and visit with his family for a bit before we jumped back on the bus.  We ended up not being able to find a bus that was running for the final part of our journey from Ica to Nasca so we found another taxi de carrera for the last of our ride.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


This week started off with a rat coming up into the toilet while I was using it.  I don't share well! 

Curt to the rescue and he really hates mice so I am doubly appreciative.

Do you see a reoccurring theme with Curt and brooms this week?  Here he's trying to keep up with the water coming into the house from the rains.  The washroom, which doesn't have any type of roof slopes so that all water runs into our kitchen and hall.  We're glad it doesn't rain too often. Although, this year they've gotten much more rainfall than normal. Most of the houses here are not equipped to deal with rain.

On the bus heading to Pisco again. We should buy stock in motion sickness pills .

Elders Arcos and Tejerina hanging the banner as we prepare for Las Americas Capilla Abierta.

Then when it started they took care of the reference table throughout the evening.

Elders Chura and Matthews came from their area of San Andres to help out and shared their testimonies of baptism with those that came through.  We will have next week's Capilla Abierta in their area.

I know this is a bad picture but I wanted to remember the story.  Elders Johnson and Morris were out on the streets inviting people to come in and see the church building.  A lady told E' Morris that she didn't want to come to the activity but that here was her daughter and they were looking for a boyfriend for her and a Mormon boy would make a good choice.  Oh my. 

I love to see the different displays that the organizations come up with.  Here is the Relief Society's.

The Young Men weren't too sure they really wanted their picture taken but they were nice to the old gringo lady and let me have my way.

The table display in the Young Women's room.

When we were here 2 weeks ago, these 3 young women helped us get a motocab to take us to the right place so we could catch a taxi back to our hotel.  We'd been standing outside the building unsuccessfully trying to catch a taxi knowing a moto wouldn't go as far as our hotel.  We appreciated their sweet help - it's not always easy to know how to get around.  There are often certain places that you need to go so you can catch a taxi heading to a specific area and it takes us awhile to learn where those places are.

So thankful for these missionaries and their hard work!  E' Matthews, Chura, Tejerina, Morris, Arcos, Johnson, Curt, myself, Hna Saucedo and Staheli.

Hermano Jeronimo is the high councilman that we work with in this stake.  He does so much to make this program a success.  I asked him this week if he'd just go to all the other stakes with us too - he just laughed.

Sunday we went out to San Clemente Branch to present a training.  The branch president is putting dark plastic on the windows for us since we would be showing a slide presentation. 

Here is the San Clemente Branch Presidency posed for a picture after they finished covering the windows.

On the way to church we saw dozens of police officers in full riot gear but I didn't get a picture as we drove by.  This is after our 3 hours of meetings and it looks like they are almost finished. 

This field had been full of homes that morning.  The police were here to keep the people out while the homes were taken down and or burned.  We saw lots of people gathering the remaining poles and mats to be used again somewhere else.

We have a friend that this is happening to right now.  She's been squatting on a piece of property for 10 years.  The lady that owned the land died and divided the property among her children.  Some of the children are evicting the people from the land.  The residents are given notice and then the police come and provide security while the homes are taken down.  Our friend is not sure what the person that inherited the property she lives on will decide to do yet.

Yes, we've had another visitor.  I had hoped that one experience like this was enough.

Monday, March 6, 2017

First Capilla Abierta in Pisco

The first couple of days of this week we did the normal English lessons, family history, district meeting etc - no pics.

Wed. morning we were supposed to catch the bus at 8:30 a.m.  They call us at 7:25 a.m. and say the bus is already there and waiting. I was nowhere near ready! Curt tells them we will be there in 10 minutes (5 of that is getting a taxi and getting down there)  Needless to say it was a rushed morning but, we made it and we were very grateful when we got to Lima and hadn't forgotten anything of major importance.

A member of our area authority, Elder Falabella, came to visit our mission and gave some great training.  Here we are after enjoying a bit of lunch between meetings (l to r Hna Aird, Hna and Pres. McGinn, Elder Falabella and E' Mayberry)

Our zone ready for pictures and just waiting for the leaders to come over.

Ica Zone in Ica with Elder Falabella and the McGinns.

Some of the other zones waiting in line for their pictures to get taken before we head back in for another inspiring meeting.

While we were in Lima, we went across town to the church area offices in the  La Molina district. We were trying to get a video file downloaded but the gentleman in charge of that was in Arequipa for their temple groundbreaking ceremony. He did take care of it for us when he got back to Lima.  Curt is standing outside the offices trying to order a taxi (something that can end up being a hassle when phone service isn't at its best)

Heading from our Casa Andina Hotel to the Cruz de Sur bus terminal for a trip to Paracas.  Curt is calling to check on the taxi five minutes before it's scheduled to arrive (he's had a couple of no-shows lately so he's being a little extra cautious)
Hnas Staheli and Saucedo at our first Capilla Abierta for Pisco and Pisco Playa wards.

Here the sisters are in the Cultural Hall visiting with a group about some of our fundamental beliefs which are shown on the banners behind them.

E' Arcos and E' Johnson sharing their testimonies about the importance of baptism.

E' Cornejo and E' Anderson sat at a table sharing materials and gathering information from those who wanted to know more.

Each organization created their own display showing a little bit about themselves.  Here we have the young women's display.

The Relief Society displayed some of the things the women had been up to.

Young Adults with their display board showing their recent service projects and activities.

The primary room had some animated videos being shown (I was tempted to hang out in there with them).

Refreshments! Inca Cola, Sprite and sandwiches for any and all. Everyone seemed to enjoy sitting around visiting for a bit.

The next morning we took a boat ride out to the Ballestas Islands. Yep, sun is strong here in Peru!

Before we got to the islands, we saw the Candelabra.  It is a huge geoglyph that they say can be seen from about 12 miles out to sea. 

The docks at the island where they go to collect the bird guano every few years. There were definitely tons of birds out there!  
A sea lion resting on a nearby rock as we went by.  It looked up once but I wasn't quick enough with the camera and it lost interest.

All the guy sea lions that didn't get the harems hang out here at this bachelor pad rock together.

We had a successful Sunday training in San Andres the next morning.  We both really enjoyed visiting that ward.  This friendly little one came out and kept us entertained after the meetings while we waited for a taxi.  It was a good week!