Monday, January 23, 2017

Inspections in Ica

We love watching the street sweepers when we go out bright and early.  Every morning they are out there on the main roads sweeping the roads and even mopping the sidewalks throughout the downtown area. 

We were gathered at the bus stop as Mirella left on her mission.  We got her sent off but she had some glitches in her travel and passport arrangements in Lima.  She missed her plane but she stayed with her aunt and made it to Columbia the next morning.

Just a few of the ward young women and Hna Fernandina with Mirella at the bus terminal.  We will miss her but she has hopes to come to Gringolandia to see us someday.

  They are having an object lesson about not having the Spirit in a companionship is like having a door between you and it blocks the ability to work well together.

We traveled to Ica for interviews with President McGinn.  While we were waiting, we went on room inspections with Hna McGinn and the office elders Grantham and Mesa.  

Hna Linares has been having some leg pain and is trying to get down the stairs - wouldn't you know - they live on the third floor!

Elder Mesa finishing up some paperwork with Elder Stevens who was not feeling really great that day - poor guy! 

No points here.  After room inspections, the office elders were still in critic mode and poor Hna McGinn's van didn't stand a chance after the dirt roads it had been on.

Curt picks some interesting trails for walking.  There is a donkey under all of those corn stalks. 

Floors are not always level.  We got another rain yesterday and water ran into the kitchen and down the hall into our bedroom.

We got to skype this week and see these beautiful, active girls show us how they do burpees!

We got kisses too (or at least grandpa did).  

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