Monday, February 6, 2017


Went to Ica this week for our Zone Meeting and we stopped at the mall afterwards.  (I forgot to take note of who was in our zone this last transfer and where they were from). opps  I'll do better! Curt found this little guy wanting to be part of the game.  Luckily, he didn't get stuck in there!

Felt a bit sick and needed to hang out awhile before we attempted the trip home.  The massage chairs are the best way to spend 10 minutes at the mall!  They even have a lady there that puts the coin in the slot for you! Talk about service!

All that rain we were getting had to go somewhere.  Mudslides have been a big problem here in Peru this last month. The missionaries in Ayacucho will fly to Lima for transfers this month to avoid any chance of getting caught in the mountain runoffs.   

The river is subsiding and this gentleman has a little bridge built.  For 20 centimos, he will let you cross the river on it.

These Sublime candybars are partly to blame if we gain much weight before we get back home.  We buy these yummy chocolate with almond bars by the boxful!
Curt bought a pipe and had it cut it down the middle so  banner with a picture of Christ would fit in it for traveling.  His morning consisted of going out and buying the pipe, walking down and searching for the guy that was willing to cut it, giving what ended up being his last money at a food drive and then having to walk all the way home in the heat and then getting locked out of the house and having to climb through the bars.  This was a 3 white shirts kind of day! 

We had the Young Women come to the Family History Center to do some indexing.  What a success!

Daniela came over this week to get her mission papers scanned in - almost done!

We were able to be there Sunday when Pres. Avalos' son Hiram was baptized.

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