Monday, December 5, 2016

Puquios y Paredones

Monday was P-day, we invited our little band of 4 missionaries to the house for burgers before we all went to the Aqueducts and Paredones.  Elders Pena and Peterson are serving in Marcona and Sisters Zuchel and Bellitti are here in Nasca. 

The Elders had to go do some urgent internet stuff so sister Bellitti and Zuchel enjoyed a relaxed visit.

We are all here and ready to eat. I bought about 4.5 pounds of hamburger and it was nearly all eaten.  Some of us really like hamburgers.

Elder Peterson was working like crazy to get the mayo out of the bag when someone realized he hadn't removed the lid!

This is the first Puquio in a series of about 10. They get deeper as we go.

Of course the ladies found some beautiful flowers. I think the ladies are more beautiful though. 

If you look hard you can see my face down there. 

Selfie time. With some perspective. 

As we left the puquios (aqueducts) we  decided to walk to the Paredones.

In the shade under a banana tree. 

After what seemed like an eternity of walking we made it to the Paredones. These walls were  first erected by the Nasca people about 1200 years ago.  Then when the Spaniards conquered the area they were modified in the 1500's. 

This is a fragment if pottery at Paredones.  There is pottery everywhere. 
Mirella is getting ready to go to Ecuador to serve and she came by the family history center to watch a few episodes of the district. 

Sister Fernandina and sister Cueva stopped by also to get a little family history done before the upcoming temple trip.

We were finishing up a little walk as the sun was going down. 

December 1st we went to Marcona with the sisters and helped a family move to a different house. 

Joyce, sister Bellitti and Zuchel unpacking boxes

Of course we had to eat some Chifa (Chinese) before we left. 
We were in the back of the combi getting ready to go to Nasca it seemed like a good time to snap a pic. as we did we see the elders at the back photo bombing. Way to go elders.

The man on the left is brother Orihuela he came all the way from Lima to teach a self sufficiency class to both Nasca and Vista Alegre Branches.  Vista Alegre branch's casa capilla has been closed down and as of this week, they have begun attending meetings here in the San Carlos Chapel. 

President and sister McGinn were here for interviews this week.  Sister McGinn always comes with some language development ideas. So everyone had to write their last name on the board then write a word that describes them that started with each letter of their last name, Spanish for the gringos and English for the latinos. 

They are progressing on the water storage tank for the small community north of the river. Everything is carried up here by hand, today they were carrying water in buckets to mix the cement. 

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