Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas in Peru

We were notified we needed to show up in court and give sworn statements about our house being burglarized.  Curt was my translator for anything I wasn't understanding (most of it).

Starting some English lessons at the house with Danara. She has great pronunciation.  

Mirella visiting about what she still needs to do before she leaves on her mission.  Dana is such a happy little girl.

Agusto came by to escort these beautiful ladies home safely.  He is so good to help out. Dana thinks he's a chew toy!

We are heading out to spend a few days with Morgan in the cool mountains before we take him back to Nasca.

Okay, I know we have llamas in AZ but come on - they are just cooler when you walk by them while at Machu Picchu!

Morgan and I playing around with a rubiks cube. 
The branch Christmas party.  These wise men are hunting for the new baby.

At the manger.

Aren't these young children adorable?!?

A perfect little Nativity scene.

The Sisters played on the cups while the R.S. sang Christmas carols.

We had a Christmas party for the missionaries.  After eating a lot of tacos - we played some games and watched a movie. Elder Pena was excited about how well he did balancing the ornaments on the ruler.
Who can cut into the stack of flour without making the ring fall?
I don't think Sister Bellitti did quite as well on this game.  Then when she started laughing - it was all flour!

Morgan found himself digging for a fallen ring too.

Elder Pena lost his round and was able to dig the ring out with not too much trouble.

Sister Zuchel had the most steady hands and won a couple of dryboard markers rather than flour on her face.

The mission sent us a copy of the movie Finding Dory which the missionaries thoroughly enjoyed.  We ended the evening with testimonies. Both of the Sisters and Elder Pena are being transferred out of this area the day after Christmas.

We were invited over to Jenny's to celebrate Christmas Eve with her and her family.  We had to take a picture in front of her beautiful tree.  She made most of the decorations for it.

La Noche Buena with the Melendez Family.  Turkey, potatoes and a delicious chocolate punch. Of course we ended the meal with Paneton.

After church on Sunday, Curt went back down to the family history center and helped the Cocche family with the computer so they could Skype their son who is serving a mission in Columbia.

The two missionaries now serving here in Nasca. We met up with them and showed them how to get to the internet store.  

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