Tuesday, December 13, 2016

temple trip

We've got our house decorated and ready for Christmas!

One of the Peruvian hairless dogs has taken up residence on our street.

We walked by this pack of dogs.  I crossed to the other side of the boulevard and Curt walked closer to take a picture.

Zone Meeting in Ica.  We were playing a game while we were learning to be better missionaries.

I got to hold the snowman and advance or go back spaces for our team.

Break time means snack time!  This transfer we had: Hna Balderrama (Bolivia), Hna Mostert (CA), Hna Zuchel (Chile), Hna Belletti (UT), E' Calle (Bolivia), E' Chicoma (Peru), E' Roca (Bolivia), E' Wahl (AZ), E' Siesquen (Peru), E' Driscoll (NV), E' Miranda (Peru), E' Mitchell (UT), E' Fulton (UT), E' Vergara (Chile), E' Pena (Dom Rep), E' Peterson (AZ) Oh and Elder Mayberry is hiding there in the back!
Curt standing in front of the bus we took to Lima this week for our district temple caravan.  It was actually a pretty decent bus and we enjoyed the trip.  Nasca/Vista Alegre and Marcona rented two buses and we ended up with about 80 people from our district at the temple this week.  To finish filling up the buses, they just stopped at a bus stop and sold the extra seats to people wanting to go to Lima.
Mirella from Nasca and Mirella from Marcona (with her mom) went to the temple in Lima this week. We were glad we were able to go with them. Both of these ladies will be leaving soon to serve a mission.

As we were coming out of the temple with Mirella, we ran into Hermana Russell!  She was serving here in Nasca when we first got here and she finishes up her mission at the end of this month. We were so glad we got to see her one more time. What a wonderful young woman!

Curt lending a hand as we load the bus for the ride back from Lima.  This is Fernandina's mom and she only speaks Quechuan and is such a sweet, spunky lady.

We're all loaded back on the bus and ready to head back to Nasca.  We were supposed to leave by 6 and we actually headed off within the hour!  I had already taken my motion sickness pills so I was probably already snoring and drooling.

We usually have two p-day activities with the missionaries during each 6 week transfer.  This week we took a combi and met up with the Elders in Marcona for a day at the beach. The Sisters look like they were happy to be heading for a day of fun and sun.  We met up with the Elders, ate some pollo ala brasa and then headed to the beach.

Curt was trying not to get his feet wet as he hopped across the rocks.

This bird was taking a really good nap until we woke it up.  It stayed around and posed for more pictures.

Oh, look at that crab!  There is NO WAY I'd want that thing on my face!

We were having fun climbing around on the rocks.  What a good guy I'm married to!
We wanted to remember our fun day at the beach.

Now we needed one with Curt in it. After a few stumbles, we tried again.

A bit of hiking around on the rocks while we were waiting for our rides to come back and get us.

Well, we waited and they never came.  Finally we learned that both the moto and the taxi had flat tires and so we all ended up walking a few miles back in to town.

It was E' Peterson's birthday so we had made a cake and ate it at the chapel there in Marcona before heading back to Nasca. 

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