Monday, October 3, 2016

Rosa y clavel

With what little they had, this young man and his wife had left Venezuela and were trying to get to Chile where a  job awaits him.  We met them near the bus station and helped him look for an inexpensive bus to Tacna.  He said he was inactive in the church.  Curt said, I think you meant you WERE inactive in the church.  He laughed and agreed that his inactivity would be past tense.  

Note to self: when you double a recipe --- make sure you have a pan that's big enough!  It didn't stop anyone from eating it (except the part on the bottom of the oven).

Hermanas Onate and Herrera welcome Jordan (with his mom) as our newest member of the Nasca Branch.

Scanned almost 100 photos this week for family history!

In Ica, in a taxi heading to our zone meeting.  We sure love these Sisters!

Our Ica Zone. Elder Epenesa (CA) is taking the selfie for us.  Elder Mcdonald (NC) is hamming it up on the right.  He is finishing his mission this week.  Well done E'!

After looking  at the pictures, E' Wahl (AZ, 2nd from left) said they looked like Dairy Queen employees with those zone shirts on!  I think I'll have to agree. 

Sister Herrera's first time in Tottus.  It's a bit bigger than what we have at Raulitos in Nasca.  
Sister Onate playing with a toy snake she found.  It doesn't take much to entertain us!

I had recently taught Sister Herrera the phrase "put your shoulder to the wheel".  We saw these tires and we thought - close enough!

Playtime is over and we jump on the bus to head back to Nasca for appointments.

I was trying to get a great shot of my finger but Sister Onate and Curt were teaching Leonor and Luis some English and they totally photobombed my picture! (I don't have to admit to ALL my mistakes do I?  Some are so obvious!)

While they were working on English, Sister Herrera and I were working on dinner.  With her English and my Spanish we have some interesting conversations!

Thanks to my wonderful Sister and Brother-in-Law (Pennie & Danny) and the great package they sent - we had tacos for dinner and they actually tasted like .... TACOS! (We didn't share the candy though)

This is on a hill that Curt enjoys climbing.  We've been watching this water tower get built for quite a while.  They work on it awhile and then the town runs out of money and they stop for awhile.

Curt ran into some guys hauling bags of cement up.  Of course he offered to help.
This was the path they used to get all those bags up there. I think Curt got his workout in and those guys were super happy he'd offered to help.

Definitely in his element right here! This man loves to work!  I think there may have been sore thighs the next morning though.

This is Pres. and Sister Camacho.  He is our district president and works as a machinist in the mine in Marcona, she is a school administrator.  The Young Single Adults had a rose and carnation party.  Curt and I and one other
 couple spoke about courtship and marriage, then they had a question and answer portion before dinner and dancing.  

The Otsukas (counselor in District Pres) The Camachos (District Pres), The Mayberrys (Missionaries), The Atocsas (Branch Pres in Marcona).

Some of our Nasca JAS -Jovenes adultos Solteros
Cesar and Curt.  We sure think the world of this guy!

Mirella is still waiting for her mission call!  Yes, I think we have some favorites!  She will be an awesome missionary!

Agusto was trying to take a pic for us.  He was telling us it wasn't working. No sirve!

Curt was trying to show him how to do it and then, after quite a few attempts, they figured out that it had been switched to the selfie direction.  We all enjoyed quite a laugh over that one and we had a LOT of selfie photos!  

We got a house alarm put in this week.

It doesn't work yet - but it's in!

Family Home Evening together sharing testimonies after a wonderful General Conference.

We were also saying goodbye to Hermana Herrera who is being transfered to Canete.

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