Monday, October 10, 2016

Slow Week

Some of the tile in our entrance area was coming away from the concrete so the owner sent a worker over this week to remove it, chip away the old plaster and try again.  It looks good.

We were out walking one morning and this dog stopped and posed for a picture with this bag of trash.  I'm sure he was taking it to the nearest dumpster!

Finally on Thursday we get out new missionaries!  Elder Peterson is from Marana and he just finished at the Mission Training Center in Lima.  Hermana Bellitti is from Utah and she went to the MTC in Provo so after a flight delay, she's finally here!  (I don't really think she's sure where "HERE" is exactly just yet.  We are excited to work with them and they both have great companions in E' Pena and Hna Onate. 

With the missionaries being gone picking up their new companions and no one showing up Tues night for Family History or Wed night for English class, we were excited that Leonor came over to work on some English assignments.  
Last week the young adults had their party and this week was a celebration for the married folks. Nasca and Vista Alegre branches combined for the fiesta de casados.  They've told us that both of these parties are thrown throughout the church in Peru.  They were very surprised that we'd never been to one.
Unfortunately, most acted like old married folks and most stayed home!  This picture was taken over an hour after the party was to have started.  The Sisters had stopped by and other than that, we had the branch Pres. Compana and the women's RS Pres. Hermana Ventura.  They had both cooked all day and made a huge meal for the evening.  Luckily, a few people started trickling in.
Sunday at 6:00 a.m., the electricity was shut down to the entire area for maintenance. It wouldn't be back on until late that afternoon.  Some stores shut down, others, like this one, pulled out a generator and carried on. Other than not having a microphone, church seemed to go off without a hitch.

Our district P-Day activity!  Hamburgers and potato salad and chocolate chip cookies.  We were even able to find hamburger this morning and didn't have to adjust our menu! The chocolate chips we brought from North America.

E' Pena forgot to put the kitchen sink on that burger.

After lunch we took a quick bus ride out to the lookout tower to see the Nasca Lines.

We easily caught a bus heading to Ica and jumped on for 3 soles apiece.

Then, they forgot to stop and let us off!  Luckily Curt and I noticed we'd just passed the stop but by the time Curt got the driver to pull over, we had a bit of a walk to get back to the tower.

Finally we're up on the tower where we can see 3 of the Nasca Lines: the hands (which I think look more like a frog), the tree and the lizard.  So what do you do when you climb a tower?  Take a selfie with everyone!

Hna Mirella came by and let Curt help her get online and accept her mission call!  This weekend she got her call to Quito Ecuador and she leaves in January. 

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