Sunday, October 16, 2016

Missionary Interviews

Sister Bellitti's first weekly interview after district meeting.

Elder Peterson waiting his turn.

Sister McGinn sat and visited with the missionaries while President conducted interviews. She even got to look at a yucky toe while she was here.  Hopefully it gets taken care of and the doctor doesn't get to see it too.

Elder Pena hanging out trying to catch what English he can. I already see so much progress.

Our handsome time keeper for the day.  His job is to keep the interviews on track so Pres. can get to Ica on time for his next appointments.

Sister Bellitti survived her interview with the Mission President. It was a piece of cake - he speaks English!

Sister McGinn taking photos of each missionary.
Sister Onate's turn!

Sister Onate, Sister McGinn and Sister Bellitti after the interviews.

Manuel came over to practice some English.  He's doing really good!

Curt came across a coyote a couple of times now out on his hikes.  I've still yet to see him when I've gone out.  Think my gasping and panting scare him away?

It's spring here and the new crops have started coming up.

The cactus aren't looking so healthy.  

The workers go down the row and stick these packets on with one of the needles.  They are supposed to have a little bug in it that helps get rid of the bacteria.  The guy Curt talked to called them little chanchitos (little pig). So in other words, they're telling me the put little pigs out there save the plants!?!? Guess my Spanish isn't getting better after all!

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