Monday, September 26, 2016

A visit from the Myers

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As with most P-days, we started with a van ride. This one was to Marcona with Hermanas Mayberry, Onate(Ecuador) Herrera(Colombia).

It was a little warm in Nasca but the cool ocean breeze felt wonderful in Marcona
There was a hole in the ground up by the motorcycle that dropped into a tunnel that led to this part of the beach.
There was a price to pay to get out of the tunnel. You can see Joyce making her way through the pile of trash that had washed up into the tunnel. 

On Thursday morning we as we are getting ready to leave for the day, our neighbor Meco, knocked on the door to tell us we are almost out of water.  He called a water truck to come fill up the cistern. You may remember a few weeks ago I thought we were getting short. We had seen the water truck a few houses down the block the day before and thought we would be calling him soon.  The city water wells are not producing as much right now so every one is having to buy extra water. The truck cost 60 soles($20.00). That is double our normal monthly water bill. 

So after the cistern was filled we went to see how the Nasca people got their water 1500 years ago. This is one of the "Puquios". At the bottom there is access to an underground stream.  It was getting hot and I wanted to dive in to cool off. Unfortunately the stream is only a foot wide and six inches deep.

This is the beginning of the exposed part of the stream.  Our taxi driver was kind enough to take a few pictures.

After lunch we loaded up in the dune buggy"Tubular"  and went to see the Cajuache ruins and cemetery and then to do some sand boarding. 
There is always a competition to see who can go the farthest and as you can see Joyce beat us all. 

Don't tell Joyce but I traded her boards after the first run...
As you might imagine, sand gets everywhere when you go ripping down those hills. 

A group photo before the 40 minute ride home. There were 13 of us in this buggy. 

The Myers at the Cajuache cemetery. Yes those are real human bones there at their feet. The ground is littered with them.  

Selfie time. In the back seat of a Cessna 206, getting ready to see the Nasca lines. This was our second time up and we were amazed at the other lines we saw this time. The first time we were focused on the primary lines but this time we looked around more and both of us commented afterward at all of the other lines there were out there. 

On our way back to the airport. 

Back to the airport safely. 

The week wouldn't be complete without helping the youth send and receive emails from their friends and family serving missions. 

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