Sunday, September 11, 2016

A rough week

Before posting this week, we want to take a minute and send our love and support to our hometown and to those that are grieving the loss of another young life. Our heart breaks with yours. It brought back some difficult memories but reminded us of the love and kindness of others during that difficult time and we trust those grieving will be in the best possible care now. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

After District meeting, we took Elders Pena and Gutierrez out for some chicken ala brasa before they headed home.
A side story with no picture: During District Meeting,  some women from the community brought their kids into the church yard to play on the grass since the gate was unlocked. When they left,  they accidentally left one of the little ones behind.  Curt realized what had happened and got to the little guy as he was starting to cross the street to follow them.  Curt scooped him up and took him to the women.  They hadn't noticed they were missing one yet.  (I was jealous that Curt was able to hold a little one for a minute).

Family history to get done before the temple trip to Lima this next weekend.

We added a second night of Family History this week. We enjoy staying busy.

Uh-oh.  Our house had been broken into while we were at English class Wednesday night (celebrated 6 months of being here that day).

Once they'd broken through the garage door, they were out off sight and had a little more time to get this door open.

They were successful. 

Drawers and clothes were strewn all over the place.  They got a laptop, tablet, money, Curt's extra pair of glasses etc. Here's a conversation we had when we were back in the house.  I had gone and laid down on the bed.  me, "honey, where is my blanket?" Curt, "your kidding me, they took your blanket?"  me a few minutes later, "honey, where is your pillowcase?" Curt, "I guess we know how they hauled everything out."   We were very fortunate they did not take our passports and we were safe. 

They broke through the interior door and the wall between us and our landlord's office.  They took her television off the wall.
I guess you don't just call the police - our landlord went and got them and brought them back here in a taxi.  They took pictures but not much chance at all we will get anything back.

Since our doors were busted we spent a couple of nights at a beautiful hotel. We took about 15 minutes one evening to just sit and enjoy it.

Got up early to head to Ica for a Zone Conference.  We tried a new bus that had fewer seats which meant more leg room.  This picture was taken 20 minutes after we were supposed to have departed.  It was just us and the ticket taker. We finally left an hour late but the bus was almost full by then.  We were sooo late for our meeting! 

Pres. and Sister McGinn were coming to Nasca for District Conference so they took compassion on us and gave us a ride back from Ica.  You can see so much more than you can on the bus!  This is called the "Face of Inca".  We had pulled over to take a picture and a semi was driving by taking the picture as he was trying to navigate this curvy mountain road!

The picture didn't turn out that great but there are switchbacks crisscrossing down this mountain.
President McGinn and Curt wanted to get out and inspect the view. The women in the car were more set on avoiding being in way of traffic.

The young women decorated these hymnal covers recently.  I noticed during the meetings this weekend that all the gentlemen were sporting gold glitter on their suits.  Ooops

Saturday night we ended up staying at the church until about 11:00 p.m.  We finally got everyone taken care of and locked up the building, we locked the gate and as we headed off, the alarm started going off. As we went back over to the door, the light was back on.  One of the members had decided to just sleep in the building overnight so they wouldn't have to travel again the next day!

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  1. Sorry to hear that your home was broken into. Be safe.