Monday, September 5, 2016


Baaaa-sura sura! The sing song call of the Nasca trash truck.  When we first got here, we would hear it and think it was another vegetable cart going by calling out ver-dura dura!  The Sister Missionaries like to tease us about that - a lot!

A really nice baptism for Daniela (Vista Alegre branch).  So glad we were invited.

So many yummy treats and such a cute cake and decorations.  

Mirella and her mom at our house.  She's still trying to finish the last of her paperwork so she can go on a mission.

The wind has  picked up and was cutting down visibility as we crossed the bridge heading to the chapel.

An early morning trip to Ica for Zone Meeting.  Sisters are going to stay overnight and work with the Sisters there in Ica for a day.  They really aren't taking their pillows because it's a boring meeting.
Trying a new restaurant downtown (La Choza).  Trip Advisory rated this one really well. I tried the beef with a picante sauce.

Curt tried the bisteak with mushroom.  We both came away happy and very full.

We're rolling into spring and that means more produce to try.  These are Pepino Dulce.  Just wash em and eat em.  They kind of taste like cantalope.

These are Aguaymanto or Inca Berries.  They are a little like tomatillos and are supposed to be very good for you.
Just some cute little ones walking with their teacher near our house.  They were extra friendly so we decided to stop and snap a picture.

Curt installing a water filter this week in the Sister's apartment.

Getting a contract signed so the Sisters can have someone cook for them. The Hermanas (Onate and Herrera) with their new pensionista (Rosa).

The town is celebrating the Virgen Guadalupe who is the patron saint of Nasca.  The festivities go on for about 10 days.  They were assembling a couple of big light displays there in the Plaza de Armas. We didn't stay to see how it looked all lit up. 

Some little ones were doing a broom dance as part of the entertainment.

Curt chatting and getting to know a member of the Nasca Branch a little better.

Curt bought me flowers this week and snapped a picture while he was there.  If you look closely, there is a little monkey down and to the left of center in the picture.  We enjoy seeing the little guy when we go to the faire.

Vendors lined up taking advantage of the people out and about for the celebrations. There are literally blocks and blocks of vendors and activities set up throughout town.

Games and activities are set up and ready for the evening entertainment.  Me - I'm holding two cups of ice cream (life is good).

A carnival set up on one side of the road and go cart race track and games set up on the other. With all these activities going on, it's no wonder no one showed up at the Family History Center or our Nasca English class and only one person showed up at our Vista Alegre class this week!   
We found a pretty little park we didn't know about as we were walking around this week.

The bread is stocked at the grocery store.  There is a posted schedule and fresh bread is brought out several times a day.

Then we take it over to get weighed before it is taken up to the cashier. A yummy variety of fresh rolls!

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  1. Your garbage truck song is too funny. Up here in Virú the garbage truck plays music, and we used to think it was an ice cream truck somewhere in the neighborhood. You guys are looking great!