Monday, August 29, 2016

A Fun Week

Trying some new food.  Curt ordered a caigua relleno at a restaurant this week and enjoyed it so, he bought some at the faire and made it for lunch today.  He stuffed the caigua with chicken and veggies - not bad at all!

While we were at church, Meko came and trimmed back our grapevines in the front and back of the house.  We can now see the sun from our porch.  All those leaves and branches disturbed means the spiders aren't happy - but spiders are a story for another day!  Meko came back later in the week to treat them because there is a fungus that has been infesting the plants.

I think Curt was happy that these are the last leaves he was going to clean up from this arbor for awhile but he didn't realize the mess that would be there when the vine was treated!  

Crossing an unfinished bridge to go out hiking.  I don't know if they are planning on finishing it.

When in Rome?!?  NO!!  People are stealing the planks of wood from the walkway on the bridge.

Pretty interesting big tree out by the town's cemetery.

Yep, selfie time.

Behind me is Nasca and the hill with the cross.  That hill has lots of pottery pieces lying around.

Have you ever tried to hike with a Billy Goat?  I had to remind Curt I was trying to follow him and I was NOT enjoying the steep crumbly path we were on!

Curt says he snapped this picture after I broke his legs and walked away.

Just to have proof he was still walking:  Here he found some feathers and was playing around with some very interesting air currents up there.

Curt had to wash his hand in the dirt after playing with a nasty sappy cactus he'd found.

Erick stopped by for some help with his English homework.  Does my face seem red?  Why, yes I believe it's sunburned after  being drug all over the mountains around Nasca! (We really did have a wonderful day - but I don't know that I want to admit that out loud)

My Sweetie didn't have the best of days.  He was finally able to meet up with a landlord's mom to return keys.  She came ready to battle.  She wanted to charge 2000 soles (above the deposit and extra rent money) to repaint the house.  Finally, Curt called our friend Nestor and he came and helped get things smoothed out and the keys returned.

It's almost midnight and we were at the bus station saying good bye to Ninet as she leaves on her mission. 

Her bags packed and she's ready to go!  Now we just have to wait for the bus to come through.

Damaris (Sister), Ninet and Laura (Mom).  Her mom is not a member of our church.  How strong Laura is to support her daughter in doing what she believes is right.

Huge laughs!  Some in our English class were struggling with the pronounciation on a song we were trying to learn so Curt wrote the English words "in Spanish",  They didn't always work but it seemed to help.  I think all my "best teaching practices" might not have flown out the window but hobbled quietly out the door after being battered and beated like they were.

This week's English class in Nasca.  Some of those words are just not easy to say!

The Tarqui Family leaving after class.  It's fun to see how many people and things that can get stacked on those bikes as they zip around town.

The Vista Alegre English class is practicing singing too.  Females only on this verse.

Primary party in Nasca!

Hermana Fernandina once again does a great job!

Puppy piddle wasn't supposed to be part of the entertainment.

Nasca primary children and lots of yummy treats so they want us to hurry up and finish taking pictures!

Erick's spiritual thought this week was something like this: there were two buckets inside wells.  One bucket was always upset because no matter how many times he came up full, he always went down empty.  The other bucket was always happy because no matter how many times he went down empty, he always came up full.  In life we all have "stuff" but the trick is in how we face it. Loved the thought - and his artwork!

Agusto's birthday!  Damaris fed us all and then we had birthday cake. A fun afternoon with new friends.

We took some pictures to send to Ninet and I thought I'd post them here too.  

Ninet's family and Agusto after they'd had a birthday dinner for him.

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