Monday, May 30, 2016

Temple Trip

It was a good and busy week. We had the local missionaries at the house for lunch on Monday. I can't believe we didn't get any pictures.
We spend a few minutes with Elder Tapia. He is headed home.
I thought we were going to make Pizza till I went to the store and they didn't have any mozzarella cheese. They always have mozzarella cheese.
So we have learned you don't make a menu and go to the store to get the items. You go to the store, see what is on the shelves, decide what you want to eat, buy the stuff. Repeat about every other day. Most things don't last too long even in the fridge. So the store (Raulitos) is visited often. We ended up making burgers.
Most of the week was spent helping people get their family history put in the computer.

Elder Elton has been in Nasca for about 6 months. He is headed home too.
 We also have been visiting families in the evenings.

So the big event for the week was a temple trip to Lima. We spent the day cleaning and getting some ideas together for a combined adult lesson I had been asked to give on Sunday.

We are all smiles as it's only 11:00pm and we are headed to Lima.

 We left the house at 8:30 pm. Went (walked) to the chapel. Where we helped with a few last minute family history items and visited with the departing missionaries. We talked about all kinds of subjects. The transition back to normal life, school, work, dating, marriage, kids.  It was a fun visit.
At 11:20 pm we got on the bus and take a quick photo as the journey begins. Cesar (front left) is going to miss his very good friend elder Elton. I think they spent most of the seven hour bus ride talking and looking at pictures of their adventures together in Nasca. We had enough people going from the two branches to rent a bus.  
  We got there about 6:00 am and stayed till about 4:30 pm. Then it was back on the bus for the trip home. We got back to Nasca a little after midnight. We  noticed alot of fireworks and busy restaurants on our walk home from the bus station.  Not sure what 

that was all about.  Probably a normal Saturday night that we just usually sleep through. 
A great day for the Cocche family.

I think we had been on the bus about 20 minutes. 
Joyce and I took a short break to find a KFC for lunch.

We showed up  Sunday morning to find the chapel in need of some cleaning.

Internet service.
The scaffolding in the hallway had to go outside.
A little side note. You may remember that we didn't have internet service for a few days a couple of week ago.
After several days and a few phone calls we finally talk to the landlord and she said. She wasn't going to pay the bill and that we needed to get my own account. So we order the service. The tech comes to the house and tells us he has to run all new cable from down the block, across the street and new boxes in the house. So he does and now there are two of everything
into the house. So now we know why there are sooo many cables hanging on all of the poles.  Nothing comes down and it can't be used by another customer even in the same house.

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