Monday, June 6, 2016


Looks like more sidewalk on our walk to the church!
Appreciate the small stuff!
Lunch with the Marcona Elders before they jump on their bus to go home after zone conference.
We had transfers last week.  Elder Elton and Elder Tapia completed their missions.  We are grateful we were able to serve with these two young men and they've found a special place in our hearts.  Sister Ybanez and Elder Castillo were transfered out of the area and Elder Gastello (serving in Vista Alegre and from Peru), Arriving were: Sister Herrera (a brand new missionary serving in San Carlos from Colombia) and Elder Romero (serving in Nasca as Zone Leader with Elder Larracilla and he's from Tennesee) We'll get pictures during our next zone activity.

               How do you get a bed out of a room on the second floor - with a rope!

Curt brought some anticuchos home (grilled beef heart)

We thought this was a funny little story from our week.  We were out one evening and we decided to grab a bite to eat.  We found a cute little restaurant that was clean and there was a sidewalk sign outside that showed a pretty decent menu so we went in.  The waiter came up to us and only gave us about 4 options of foods he had available that we could choose.  We decided to order beef hamburgers (you've got to specify here or you'll probably get chicken).  We're sitting back chatting as the waiter takes a serving tray and two plates and leaves the restaurant!  Hey, where did he just go?!?  Well the guy runs across the street to a street vendor and gets two hamburgers and runs back into the restaurant and serves them to us!

We didn't have meetings on Sunday this week. Peru had their presidencial election this weekend so again, no meetings or gatherings allowed for those two days.

President Campana and his wife and grandson

Elder Elton and Hermano (Tampico) Unocc

Elder Elton's family came to pick him up from his mission and some of the members had a little get together for them while they were in Nasca.  He's been a great missionary and we will miss him!
  We were complete tourists all afternoon today as we enjoyed our 30th wedding anniversary.  We went on a dune buggy to some other aquaducts,  Cahuachi ruins, an ancient cemetery then went sand boarding.

I took the picture as a ploy to give me time to breath after hiking back up the sand hill before we went again!

I'm pretty sure Curt was taking a picture of the outhouse but I photobombed!

It was sandy and windy but we thoroughly enjoyed our day worth remembering!

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  1. ...and you were so careful to eat in a clean restaurant instead of at a street vendor...Happy Anniversary!