Monday, May 2, 2016

A trip to the local museum

The week in review....

One evening we went to a Chifas restaurant.

"Chifas" that's Peruvian for Chinese food.

The local museum has alot of "artifacts" inside but not alot of "facts" about them. It seems there is a wide range of estimations on the dates of the civilizations that lived here. But we spent the afternoon looking at the stuff, from pottery to carved stones to bone tools to wooden tools to seeds and plants to cloth and some metals. It costs five Soles extra to take pictures. So we didn't take pictures. Five Soles that's like $1.50. Ok so next time I will pay the big bucks so we can include some pictures. But outside pictures were free.

We had a few friends over for games and fun.
"PACAI" This looks like a giant green bean. But inside it has this white stuff that tastes like cotton candy (sort of) and inside the cotton candy is a large black bean. It's good to eat just don't expect to make a meal out of it. 

We made the 40 mile trek to Marcona this week. This is a 15 passenger mini-van and there are 15 of us in here. the seats are first come first serve. 

We got there and our appointments fell through. So we sat out on the steps and enjoyed the sea breeze and some cookies. The ocean is about a mile away so the breeze was cool. While we sat there a friend from church who drives a "moto-taxi" stopped by for a visit. It worked out perfectly while he was there we got a call to go make a visit with the local missionaries and he knew right where to take us. 
Moto-taxis are not allowed in Nasca. The Pan-American highway runs through Nasca and it would be very dangerous to mix these little taxis with the heavy truck traffic passing through Nasca. 

Inside on our first moto-taxi ride. Some times it feels like we're just kids having a good time. But I promise we do work.        Always an adventure! 

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