Thursday, May 19, 2016

A little late

We try to get this done on Sunday night or Monday morning. But Sunday night the internet was super slow and I was wore out so I put it off till Monday morning but then we had a couple of days with no internet service here at the house.

A quick lunch before we head to the beach for zone activity.

Well this week was full of travels. We got up early Sunday morning and caught the shuttle to Marcona. We attended the regular Sunday meetings there. Of course we got called up out of the audience to share our feelings of Christ. Joyce did a great job she hadn't prepared anything and didn't even have her old notes to go by. After the meetings I had a "short" meeting with the district presidency to finalize the agendas for district conference the following Sunday. Luckily it is cooling off nicely in Marcona this time of year so Joyce wasn't roasting while she waited. A couple of nice sisters sat and visited with her during the wait.

Monday is P-day "preparation day".  So we did some laundry which takes longer to dry cause it's cooling off here. House cleaning is a constant battle. There is always dust in the air so everything gets dusty fast. So we dust and sweep and mop constantly. Monday is the big day for that.
 At 1:00ish we met up with Elders, Elton, Larrancia, Tapia and Lucero and Hermanas Russell and Ybanez for the shuttle ride to Marcona. The poor lady in the back left of the picture is NOT part of our group. She got to hang out with us while we waited almost an hour for the van to finish filling up and then the hour drive to Marcona.
We went to playa hermosa and met up with Elders: Moran, Rosario and Castillo.
We played capture the flag on the beach, threw the Frisbee some and just messed around. The biggest adventure sometimes is taking group pictures.

playing capture the flag. 

Coming to the end of a fun day at the beach. 

 We went to a family night where the elders shared a message about Christ then way all took turns remembering other titles that referred to Christ in the scriptures, Lord, Master, Redeemer, Savior, Prince of Peace..... that taxed my brain. After that we played a game of tying ties. That was a game of speed and dexterity. We enjoyed Inka Cola and popcorn too.
 I spent most of this week on the phone
or the computer or waiting for a phone call trying to co-ordinate things for district conference.
 By Friday we needed a break and some out side exercise to get ready for the weekend. So we put on our jeans and T-shirts and caught a taxi out to the aqueducts. They are only a few miles from town. They are original 2000 year old construction water supply systems. The short version of how they were made is. They dug down till they hit surface water then dug a canal at that depth to where they wanted the water to go. Then they lined the canal with clay and river rock about 3 feet up then covered that with flat rocks. then covered it all back up with dirt. At some points they left it uncovered, the canals are curved to control flow speed and limit evaporation. The holes in the covered part are there because once a year someone would have to crawl thru the covered portion and clean it out. those are air holes for the cleaning crew. I dropped down inside one of the tunnels at an air hole. The tunnels are curved and narrow. There is NO WAY I would crawl into those tunnels.
This is looking down the tunnel. About every 10 feet it curves. At this point I am about 30 feet below the surface. 

 While we were there a small group came in "original" clothing and performed a ceremonial blessing of the system.

After the aqueduct we headed cross country (across a melon patch) to some nearby Nasca Lines. We had a close encounter with some dogs but they couldn't get to us for the thick line of thorny bushes between us. The thorny bushes story is for another day.

Behind Joyce in the tree line is the aqueduct. We were headed to another site for a look at some of the smaller Nasca lines. 
 This place is called Las Agujas, (the needles).  To the right you can see one of the smaller needles
 They are a little hard to see from ground level.
 We decided to walk back to town. This neighborhood is called Buena Fe.
This brought our adventure to an end and meant it was time to get back to phone calls and emails.
Saturday and Sunday were filled with interviews and meetings. Did I mention the Conference was held in Marcona so we got to help set up all the internet transmission equipment to show the meetings Nasca on Saturday night and Sunday. We went to Marcona with President and sister McGinn for those meetings. So that meant 4 trips to Marcona this week. It was a good week, we stayed busy on the Lord's errand. Love you all, thanks for your prayers.  The Mayberrys.