Monday, February 13, 2017

Children Dancing

We traveled to one of the Pisco chapels this week and these children were at the church learning a dance when we got there.

It was a traditional dance from the Cusco region and the children were working hard to learn all the steps.

I was glad our meeting ran a little late so I could sit and watch them for awhile.

They were willing to have their picture taken during one of the breaks. We will be traveling to Pisco quite a bit during the upcoming month so it will be fun to see these little ones again.

Curt, Pisco's stake pres, Pres. Aguilar and the high councilman that is over missionary work in that stake, Hno. Jeronimo.  We met together to organize and schedule the Open Houses that will take place in that stake.

Hno Jeronimo was willing to take a picture with both of us in it. It was a great meeting and we enjoyed our time with these good men and look forward to the upcoming open houses in that stake.

Two 5-hour bus rides in one day?  UUGH! It ended up being a fairly comfortable ride and we were too late at night for the last leg of the journey from Ica to Nasco so we took a taxi the last couple of hours.  

But look who was on the bus coming back to Ica from Lima!  The missionaries had transfers and then training for new missionaries.  We were able to welcome Elder Torres to our mission.  He's got a great companion in Elder Roberts.

Hermana Linares will be training Hermana Horn.  It's been a long few days for these missionaries with travel, transfers and training.  They are usually tired and just want to go to their apartment and go to sleep by this point in the process.  Such sweet, beautiful young ladies!

E' Anstead and E' Maydana visiting with a nice man at the plaza de armas in Nasca.  We just sat on a nearby bench until they finished their chat.

E' Anstead is looking for us.  We had told him we'd be right there!

Rosa and Miguel Toledo came to the house a couple of times this week for some English.  Rosa teaches English at a private school here in Nasca.  They are on break right now so she is trying to get her things together for the upcoming school year.

Danara working on some English.  She also works on Family History indexing sometimes while she's here. Behind Curt is one of the areas in our house where the moisture has caused the paint to bubble and come off the wall.  They really aren't used to much moisture here in Nasca! 

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