Monday, November 14, 2016


Fernandina came by to have us upload some pictures for her and she left us with a big bag of prickly pear fruit (tunas)  She worked on a tuna farm this week and this box she has is part of her payment.  When she left our house, she was going downtown to try to sell her remaining fruit on the street.

The tuna are different colors and have lots of seeds.  A couple of tuna and a carambola (star fruit) sliced up for an afternoon snack.

The Zone Leaders came from Ica to Nasca for our district meeting this week.

First the date was changed and we weren't told then when we went back again the next day, the time had been changed so we were late.  Sometimes, it almost feels like we're working with inexperienced young adults but they truly are amazing.

Saw what looked like a house fire while we were out walking but we haven't heard any details.  Not really sure what was burning, the homes are made of concrete, adobe or brick.

Another new water town coming up in town.  We wonder who benefits from this one. The last tower was only for one neighborhood on one side of it.

Lunch with the Hermanas.  We'd tried this new restaurant and Curt loves a fish and seafood plate he found here.  It's one of the more "expensive places" it can cost almost $15 for a steak and fettuccine meal. 

Sister Onate is being transferred out of our area and will be serving around Lima.  Leny (from Vista Alegre) came to the bus stop to say goodbye.

Sister Bellitti, Leny, Sister Onate and Joyce before the Sisters jump on the Soyus Bus to head to Lima for transfers.

We're keeping track of the moon so we know when and where we can go to see the supermoon that we've been hearing about.

We were walking home on Sunday and I pointed out to Curt some flowers I thought were pretty.  A man nearby offered me one and then his  wife told him to give them all to me.  Sometimes it is the tiny things that make a big difference in a day.

We detoured around when we saw what lie ahead.  Those effected by all the changes with how the fair operates  were protesting and there were law enforcement out in riot gear.   Error on the side of caution.

A dog sat by us at church in Vista Alegre on Sunday.  It was really good at avoiding swinging feet and little kids - I think it's had practice!  It was a reverent little thing.  It might have been a high priest because it slept through most of the meeting! 

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