Monday, August 22, 2016

A little bit of everything

This is our cistern. As you can see it is super low.  We are hoping we don't run out of water this week. The supply from the city usually runs for a couple of hours a day. I noticed today it only ran for about 40 minutes. We learned from our neighbor that the main city pump went out for three days so no water ran during that time and now they are trying to play catch up.  We noticed a big water tanker truck parked in front of some businesses this morning.  They must already be out.  

Lets hope we get a longer flow tomorrow. 

The maintenance crew mowing the grass at the church. There are several big lawns here and it all gets done with a weed whacker.

Yes it is the middle of winter here but if you water it, it will grow!

These are some very vivacious young boys here in the primary.

This is Agusto, He and I got to hang out together during primary today.

The young lady on the left is Ninet. She gets on the bus at 11:15 tonight to go to Lima. She catches a flight out of Lima tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 pm to go to the Bogota Colombia missionary training center.  Then she's off to Guayaquil Ecuador to serve.  She started her paperwork about a year ago but it got lost in the system for almost 6 months. This young lady has the patience of Job.  The young lady on the right is Mirella.  She is currently waiting for her mission call. 

Hermana Herrera and Onate helping Luis who is 15, start on his family history.

The family history center just like we like it, BUSY!  It's always so rewarding to help our friends  here organize their family tree. Then see the smiles on their faces as they can actually how they are all related.

We met David Alarcon the first day we were here. He and his wife own a home and several souvenir shops here in Nasca. Their 15 year old daughter wants to pursue a career in International Business Administration. The only school for that is in Lima. So they have rented an apartment from family in Lima and mom stays with daughter during the week while dad comes here to run the business and take care of the home. They understand the importance of a good education and are willing to sacrifice a lot to get one.

Thursday night English class. The man on the left (Erick) travels to Lima every weekend to take English and an international business class.  He comes by the house for help with his homework too.The young man in the middle (Manuel) spent three years in Argentina getting his commercial pilots license. He is now flying for a tour operator here showing tourists the Nazca Lines. 

On the right is a mother Marleni (Magi) and daughter Kendy. Magi knows a lot of English and is practicing speaking and hearing it. We met a man today on the street who asked us if we would help him with his English so we invited him to the class also. He was super excited when we told him it was free!

P-day this week was consumed with working on 3 missionary applications with the mission office. Elder Whitaker worked tirelessly getting them completed so they could be submitted to Salt Lake for assignment. The process is a little different here than in the States.  Here because we are in a district not a stake.  The missionary applicants submit to their branch president, who reviews then submits to the Mission president, who reviews then submits to the Area office, who reviews all applications from the stake or mission, who then submits to Salt Lake. So we  help as much as possible. We keep track of the applications until they are submitted by the Area office. We really don't want another one like Ninets'. So, back to my story,  one morning when we had a little time and even though it is mid winter we went for a nice walk where we sat on the bank of the river and just took in the sights of Nasca. 

Hermana Ninet Quilca, 

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  1. Are not the children in primary and the Peruvian babies just the cutest things on earth!