Sunday, July 17, 2016

There's Always Something

 We want to get this posted tonight because we will be cooking for the missionaries from our zone tomorrow, playing some sports and then later in the afternoon, President and Sister McGinn will be here. I don't want to start posting late every week!  
We had transfers this last weekend and we saw the last of the missionaries that were here when we arrived, leave the area.  Elder Moran, Sister Russell and Elder Lucero were transfered.  Elder Gutierrez from Salta Argentina is beginning his mission in Marcona, Elder Gonzales is from here in Peru and will be serving in Vista Alegre. Sister Onate is now serving in San Carlos.  Elder Moran had introduced us to Sister Onate right after we got here.  They are from the same stake in Equador.  We've enjoyed getting to know her a little and now look forward to working with her here.

This is looking out onto a little flowerbed outside our dining room window. Straight across is our bedroom and then bathroom.  Above the bedroom/bathroom area is where some of the neighbors hang their clothes etc.  They had a big birthday party with all their family here last weekend (it sounded like they had a little construction project going on while they had help here).  There were lots of kiddos playing with some sand and rocks up there. Sometimes they would toss them this direction when I was sitting at the dining room table.

The next day, my sink wouldn't drain. Hmmm, doesn't look good!  This pipe is packed with rocks and sand! Looks like the little ones might have been filling the vent pipe while they were playing!
Labor is cheaper - two days of pulling rocks out of the pipe before the water started flowing.  Not the same cost as it would have been for two days of having a plumber work back home!
We went out to eat twice this week! The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed sitting and people watching as we ate.
I got the chicken foot in my soup but Curt was willing to eat it for me! That's true love!
Hermana Fernandina came over for some computer help to prepare for sharing time and some songs they will be teaching.
English class in Vista Alegre this week. We ended up having a small group this time.
Now to say "cheese!" thumbs up (Erick) goes all the way to Lima to take a class in English every Saturday. He comes over during the week for some homework practice/help.  He's very dedicated!
The Elders have been working hard and Curt was able to baptize this fine young man yesterday.  Future missionary?!
The Young Women playing a little volleyball before they sang a special number at the baptism.
The Young Men playing a little soccer before the baptism.  They always play soccer on cement down here.  One of the Elders said he always played on concrete in Bolivia too.


  1. Love those chicken feet...they smell so good in grilled anticuchos, but we're content to enjoy the aroma rather than taste.

  2. Love those chicken feet...they smell so good in grilled anticuchos, but we're content to enjoy the aroma rather than taste.