Monday, July 25, 2016

Surrounded by New Pioneers This Year

Sister McGinn snapped a picture while we were waiting for our interviews.  Who are these lovebirds?

2 dozen hamburgers, a dozen hotdogs, 3 batches of banana bread ... just another p-day with the missionaries.
We'll be playing sports afterwards so overeat at your own peril!
Ultimate frisbee!
Hermana McGinn practices English with the missionaries while President is conducting interviews. She makes it a lot of fun.
We were able to have the McGinns over for a bite to eat before they headed to their next round of interviews in Ica.
We have 2 Mirellas getting ready to serve missions.  President McGinn calls them Mirella 1 and Mirella 2.  This is Mirella 1 and she is working on her papers here before her inteview with the president.

Family History lessons, helping new members start identifying their family tree.

Sometimes the family history center gets a tad crowded and other times we have no one come in all evening.

This week the adventure was with electricity!  We never take an entire shower without the breaker popping.  This week it wouldn't switch back on.  The electrician came 3 times, first he just jiggled the wires and we'd try the shower again after he left and it popped the breaker.  He came back and exchanged the wire, the first time it just burned out as soon as he left. He came again and replaced the wire again and now it's stayed on.  We were trying to get ready for our english class and needing our internet and printer.  We couldn't go to the church until after the electrician finished up. It all worked out and we got there on time.   

Spending an afternoon exploring in Marcona before a meeting there. Joyce got her hair cut this week - $2!
Creating accounts and teaching some family history to the Elders Quorum in Marcona.

We had several using laptops and cellphones to get things done.

Went to the Vista Alegre Museum (Incawasi). We had to pose by the condor picture - guess they have them down on the coast here.  We haven't seen them yet.

We enjoy getting to relax and spend some time exploring together.

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