Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The fun continues

We tried a new restaurant this week.  It's called the Broken Egg.  Curt had carapulcra (it's a dehydrated potato and pork stew with peanuts).  He thought it was delicious.  I stuck with my usual lomo saltado which is kind of like a beef stir fry with french fries under it and rice on the side.  We each had a big bowl of chicken vegetable soup as our appetizer, our main dishes and cebada (a cold barley drink) and it cost 9 Soles each which comes to less than $3 per person for the entire meal.  Why cook?!?

Playing around on the whiteboard while Curt finishes up a meeting. 

Hamburgers and hot dogs for our USA Independence Day feast.

Elders needed to catch a bus to Lima so only a few bites and then the rest was to go. 

Sisters were kind enough to put the burgers and hot dogs together for us. 

He doesn't look very excited about eating a cupcake does he? Looks can be deceiving!

Showing off some family pictures before Family Home Evening starts.

Playing a little pictionary before we end the night.

Did I mean for the word to be popcorn or dove? My language skills made it interesting!

Ninet will be leaving soon to serve a mission in Equador.

Curt drew some challenging words and his drawings had everyone stumped for a minute.

Going with Marella to the dentist so she can submit her papers for a mission.

I hope we don't end up needing a dentist while we're here although he was a very nice man!

Trying to help Roselli. She is teaching some English to her school class in Lima.

Curt fights a never-ending battle with the sap and the grape arbor. Luckily he hasn't asked me to get on his shoulders and knock gunk down lately.

We've been wanting to take a little hike to the top of this hill and we finally made it this week.  It doesn't look to big does it?  You can barely see a cross at the top.

Here is Curt next to the cross with Nasca behind him.

Two rivers come together and give life to this beautiful valley.

From the top of the hill, looking south, things are green and alive.

There's our house - can you see it?  Right...there.

This is on the northern side of the hill.  The only thing we could see was a small cemetery. Very dry and barren.

That was a nice hike.  Now to hurry and change clothes because we have a meeting in just a bit.
And just for fun ... a picture of this little cutie.  She brought her mom and dad and grandma to church on Sunday.  She's growing fast!


  1. Just a little perspective on the burgers. Those are 12 inch plates. Making those some huge burgers and hotdogs.

  2. Happy 4th you two. Look forward to reading your blog weekly.
    Love ya lots