Sunday, June 19, 2016

Good news

We are super excited to welcome a handsome, healthy grandson to our family and I'm sure wishing I could snuggle him.  It makes this a bittersweet week for me.  Congratulations to Virgil and Mari - he's wonderful!  I'm so very thankful for skype and email! He'll be walking before we get to see him and the fact that we get to communicate regularly with our family makes it so much easier - but I'm still wishing I could cuddle him!
Momma and baby ready to go home!

Isn't he precious?!?

His big sister will be sure to help mom and dad look after him.

Daddy introducing Scott to his big sisters at the hospital.

Our van ride to Marcona for a P-Day activity on the beach.  I was super happy to sit in the front seat.  I was tired of being car sick!

The Lunch we took was a hit.  I guess you probably can't go wrong when you have food and starving missionaries.

Okay, I ate my fair share too!

Those zone leaders are pretty good at photo bombing as the sisters and I were trying to get a picture.

Hiking around.  We stayed down at the bottom this time.

Everyone seemed to make it.

At "The Elephant"

Elder Rosario sent us this picture of our zone.  Really, Sister Russell is not yelling and I'm not plugging my ear.

Ica and Nasca Zones at a conference with Pres. and Sister McGinn

Getting to see Elders that have transfered out of our area.  Elder Rowley will be heading home soon - well done Elder!

Stopped at a hardware store while we were in Ica and ended up stuck there for awhile because of an earthquake drill!
Elders Larricilla & Romero came over and put together a DELICIOUS taco dinner with all the fixings.  It was a nice way to celebrate Father's Day.  Thank you Elders!  So grateful for my father.  I'm very glad our children were blessed with a good father.
Elder Romero cooking the meat. I even tried making some horchata.

Elder Laricilla whipping up some delicious guacamole. Peru has amazing avocados.

Had a little birthday cake after church in Vista Allegre today.

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  1. Much love to your family and especially the new grandbaby!