Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spending Time in Lima

Spending Time in Lima

This week was super busy! Monday we had six young missionaries at our house to do their weekly emails and then spend some time relaxing and enjoying time together before they had transfers this week. Some of the relaxing time was spent playing a game of steady hands. Flour is packed into a bowl with a coin on the bottom, then turned onto a plate, two people take turns cutting the sides of the flour until the flour collapses and the coin falls. the loser then gets to retrieve the coin by mouth. As you can imagine this was not my forte. I got to eat several mouth fulls of flour. Eventually we all did:).

 Wednesday we left for Lima. Along the way I took some landscape photos for perspective. Every 20 or 30 miles we would cross a river valley and there is where the crops are grown. If the river water can't be redirected to the field it won't get water. They have quite the elaborate canal/ditch system that supplies ALL irrigation water. I haven't seen a pump for the trees or produce yet.  The grapes are irrigated by pumps and a drip system. That's for another post. But as you can see it is super baren except in the river bottoms. The tree in the foreground is watered by a the highway department via a large tanker truck. It's amazing the effort that goes into getting things to grow here.
 After the usual 8 hour bus ride, then a 30 minute cab to our hotel I find out that we were at the wrong Casa Andina hotel. There are 3 of them in Miraflores (Lima). So we catch another cab for the 8 blocks (20 minutes) in traffic to the correct hotel. The reward... a hot shower and air conditioning. That alone was almost worth the nine hour trip. Thursday was spent in some super good training meeting and followed up  with dinner with the McGinns and a senior couple that are working in Canete (Myers) then a trip to Wongs. A huge supermarket. It was probably the size of Safeway but it seemed like a Supercenter to us.
Friday we met up with the McGinns and the Myers and went to Barranco. This is still in the down town part of Lima. Where we visited the "Bridge of Sighs". Here it is promised that if you hold hands and hold your breath as you cross the bridge your love will last for ever. So Joyce and I did it. I am glad to report it seems to be working cause I love her more and more each day.

We also went to a museum of electricity where I got to pedal a bicycle to generate electricity to turn on some lights. Riding the bike ranked right up there with the hot shower and air conditioning.

Then it was off to the Rustica restaurant for lunch. I felt compelled to sit by these fine fellows for a quick vote. I'm not sure what they voted for I but my vote was for Ceviche and lots of it. The ceviche consisted of sea bass and octopus mostly. It was very good. I hope to go back there many more times.

That afternoon we headed back to Nasca. At about 11:30pm the bus had a flat tire. About two hours later, as the drivers and the crew were finishing up the tire change, someone leaned a steel bar against a window and broke it. So it was taped up before we finished the drive home.
Saturday we helped a family start their genealogy research and attended a baptism at the chapel. Sunday evening we had the youth come from Vista Alegre to do some indexing.

It was a good week. We had lots of adventures. We met some very interesting people. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Love reading about your adventures. Keep posting. Pray for your safety and health.