Sunday, April 10, 2016


Oh, happy days!  It's starting to cool down.  We've actually slept without the fan on all night TWICE this week!  AAAAH such a wonderful feeling! We got to go with Elder Olhaiser and Elder Elton to family home evening at the Ventura's home with some wonderful investigators. We really have some wonderful missionaries here in Nasca and we enjoy getting to spend time with them! They are a great example to us of Christlike service and love.

The United States has some stiff competition with the craziness of elections this year.  All along the roadways they have painted the walls as campaign posters. There are signs plastered on walls, electric poles, posters all over the place and fliers everywhere.  They use the little kids to help them with their campaign.  We saw a group of little kids in the plaza one day and we're thinking  "school group", nope, "campaign rally"!
One gal was telling us that she doesn't vote here, she goes where she has a relative running for mayor and votes there, another lady we talked to makes the 8 hour bus ride to Lima to vote there.

They are no meetings today just to be on the safe side and we have to be inside early.


Yesterday we had been asked to help with a primary activity.  They wanted us to find a video that was about 20 minutes long and on the topic of reverence.  After literally hours of looking on the internet, we finally found a fun little video that hopefully got the point across.  Then after the program we had some cake to celebrate the birthday of three of these cute little guys.  They went to sing happy birthday and I told Curt, "I don't know how to sing that" - well, they sing it in english so I didn't mess that up too badly. We are loving it here and it's absolutely life worth remembering!


  1. Curt looks like one of the young missionaries...and so does Joyce!