Monday, March 28, 2016

A great Easter week

Well it's Sunday night again. We've had another good week. Most of the week was spent talking to people in their homes, helping them to remember Christ especially in the Easter Season. Sharing a message about Christ is always rewarding. Sometimes we shared smiles, sometimes we shared tears. But either way it's a good feeling to see the light in their eyes when they share feelings of Christ.      Monday one of the young girl missionaries had a birthday. So we took her (hermana Russell, from Utah) and her companion (hermana Ybanez, from Argentine) and a couple of the young men missionaries (elder Elton, Utah and Elder Olhaiser, Argentine) to lunch. We had quite a feast. The young missionaries all had chicken and rice. Joyce had cow heart with chicken and rice, I had grilled cow liver, fried chicken gizzards, some undefined sausage, chicken and rice. It came on a platter with charcoal burning under it. That kept the meal warm while we enjoyed it. Then the young girls came to the house to make brownies (from a package mix) that had been mailed from home. The young men came by for just a minute to help eat them, then they had to go. Tuesday morning we attended our first district meeting. Where we met another set of young missionaries ( elder Tapia, Cusco and Maldonado, Argentina) that serve in the neighboring town of Vista Alegre.
Thursday is fruit day. We finally found the fruit market. I didn't get any pictures but it is pretty intense shopping, Vendors set up on the street and under a covered area. Then sell fruit by the kilo. This happens every Thursday and Sunday.   I will get some pictures this week. Saturday we went to Marcona with the mission president and his wife. Marcona a coast town about 50 miles southwest. The town is a mining town. There is a large copper mine there and a Marble quarry. We went to see the animal preserve with sea lions, seals and  Humboldt penguins. Then visited some beautiful beaches. It was nice to just get out, relax, oh and speak some english.

We went to visit new friends and Joyce found this beautiful rose and snapped a pic.

 The rock formation behind us is known as the elephant.
 I think what was most impressive was the desert between Nasca and Marcona. Miles and miles of absolutely nothing but sand and dirt and rocks. We did cross one river where water was pumped from under ground and crops were irrigated in the old flood plane. but other than that, NADA. This desert runs for hundreds of miles along the coast of Peru and down into Chile.

 Selfies in the desert, about 50 miles in the back ground is Nasca, Those big clouds in the distance don't produce any showers untill they are about 40 miles east of Nasca.
Best friends in any conditions.

 I'm so glad I like chicken and rice... Dinner in Marcona
 Sunday after church in Marcona (Curt, Elder Moran, Ecuador, Sister McGinn, Elder Rowley, Utah, Elder Whitaker, Utah, Elder Castillo, Peru)

There are sea lions, seals and penguins in this photo.
Well thanks for reading, I hope you all had a good Easter. Thanks for all the prayers.
Elder and Hermana Mayberry....


  1. Glad to see your post. Sounds like things are going well. Do u have an address there yet.

  2. I wonder how long you'll still like chicken and rice...awesome post

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    2. I wasn't a huge fan of chicken and rice before we came although with some of the other options available ... it's what's for dinner :)

  3. Hey sis I will get you an address.

  4. I better like chicken and rice forever. :). We even cook it at home. I can so relate to the web of electric line here.

  5. I better like chicken and rice forever. :). We even cook it at home. I can so relate to the web of electric line here.