Monday, March 21, 2016

Finally in Nasca

After months of worrying and getting ready - we're here!  We landed in Lima just after midnight and a glitch in the communications got us picked up just after 2 a.m.  When we got to our hotel, we gladly fell into bed for a few hours of sleep before President and Hermana McGinn picked us up for a meeting and a delicious ceviche lunch and then we strolled around the shops near our hotel. The next morning we hopped in a cab and went to meet a gentleman named Marco at interpol to start our paperwork for staying here.  It kind of felt like we were horses as they checked our teeth. Glad they didn't feel they needed to float any!
When we were done at interpol, we grabbed our luggage and rode to the bus station and caught the Cruz de Sur to Nasca for about an 8 hour ride. We had some wonderful Elders (Elton & Olhaiser) and Hermanas (Russell & Ybanez) at the bus station who welcomed us.  The sisters even decorated our apartment with balloons and a sign.  Our place is comfortable and we will enjoy it here.  We went to a women's meeting and they asked us to bear our testimonies.  Of course Curt tore it up and all I can say is .... my spanish can only get better from here! The leader of the congregation (Pres. Campana) tried again on Sunday and luckily I had my notes with me so it wasn't quite so bad.
We had an interesting experience (picture of Curt by the grapevine below), water was getting pretty deep in that little patio by our back door and was just about to start into the house.  We hauled a couple bucketfuls but the water just kept coming out of the little box in the corner. We called for help and found out that the water supply all comes in for one hour during the day and the pressure isn't
regulated. It is pumped from this storage cistern to a tank a couple of families use. We have a valve that LEAKS when there is too much pressure and so we learned not to panic too much ... at worst, it will quit flooding in an hour or so.  The other picture is of Curt trying a new piece of fruit, it was a bunch of seeds in a green slimy stuff but they aren't bad at all.  They probably have them in the states and we've just never tried them. This is definitely life worth remembering!


  1. Glad you made it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm sure you guys are the best looking most youthful senior missionaries that Nazca has ever seen!

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