Monday, March 20, 2017


After Nasca's district meeting we celebrated Elder Calle's birthday. L to R, Elder Cuadrado, E' Fernandez, E' Mayberry, E' Maydana, E' Calle, E' Kirkman and E' Zavaleta.

E' Calle will die in this zone (which means he will finish his mission from this area). 

Luna and her mom Omarie.  I can't believe Luna has already turned one.

She likes playing with our name tags while we visit. They had to move in with family after a mudslide got their home.

The rivers have been full because of the rain in the mountains. There has been a lot of flooding and mudslides throughout Peru.

This is usually a road that we use often.  The river broke it's bank and took out some homes and farms.

Our zone leaders were stuck here in Nac for a few days because the highway washed out between Nasca and Ica.

This house lost one entire wall to the floods.  Thousands of homes throughout the country have been destroyed due to the huaicos.   
Temporary homes brought in to house those that have been displaced. These floods/mudslides have affected much of Peru.  Lima gets its water from the Rimac River and because of all the mud in it, the treatment plants can't run efficiently so Lima is having a water shortage.  They disperse water at the local parks and I hear that sometimes there is water in the tap.

This is the highway 4 days after the last flooding.  Some of the cars, buses and semis were running again. 

Inca Kola is THE DRINK down here. I had some on our way to Pisco for another Chapel Open House and training.  

The Primary had their room ready to go and the children loved being in there.

I don't think I had taken pictures of any Elder's Quorum displays during a Capilla Abierta and they have done a good job.

These two making sure they're organized and ready for the next event ... or maybe they're just chatting.

E' Gutierrez, E' Matthews, E' Epenesa, E' Johnson, E' Chura, E' Arcos, E' Mayberry, Hna Mayberry, Hna Saucedo and Hna Staheli in San Andres after their Open House.

On Sunday we did a training in La Villa. That happens to be Jeronimo's ward so we got to meet and visit with his family for a bit before we jumped back on the bus.  We ended up not being able to find a bus that was running for the final part of our journey from Ica to Nasca so we found another taxi de carrera for the last of our ride.

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  1. Love your Capillas Abiertas! So tragic about all the flooding.